Making food a Piece of art

Food photography is considered one of the most demanding types of product photography. Therefore, you want to look for someone that is able to shoot food with technical percision while still maintaining an artistic and stunning style.

Food Photography Brie Ross is spezializing in Food Styling and Foodphotography for stunning food product images.

Product Advertising

Style your product simply stunning


E-Shop and Amazon

For web shops and Amazon you need pictures that show nothing but your product. It is important that the viewer can read the label and the background is white. That means the picture solely focuses on the product. This prevents frustration of your online customers that were expecting a decorative item to be part of the offer, which is not.

Web images are reduced to the minimum size to allow fast loading times. This is particularly important in online sales for both, social media and google. High performing loading times can significantly increase your organic SEO ranking. So lets do it right.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media channels use different formats for covers or posts. Surely, you have already published a beautiful picture, which was cut off. This can be prevented by correcting the image right from the beginning to match the corresponding medium and have the text elements fit correctly.

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