A Passion for
food and


I am Brie, from Zürich in Switzerland. I moved to Charleston, South Carolina in August 2020.

Back home I studied interactive media design and computer science  and worked as a food photographer over the last 6 years. My international customers appreciate my talent for food styling and my ability to understand their requirements and to help them creating ideas.

Food is my passion. Photography and lighting technology, an experience that I gathered over the last 20 years.


I love to capture extraordinary presentations of simple foods or products. Using food styling techniques coupled with creativity and patience, the results end up beautifully composed.

Food photography still
Brie Ross food photography

A passion for 
Food styling

Nothing illustrates inspiration better than a great photograph.

I'm Jackson from Vancouver, Canada. After my studies, I was drawn to the creative side of life and started professional photography. The photography of food is what I find extremely exciting. I specialized in the art of food styling and propping.

At Brie Ross Photography, I love to setup projects with customers and to incorporate their specifications. Basing the ideas, I plan a story board for the photo and begin styling, shooting and post production. 

My prefered objects are milky Swiss chocolate.

Jackson Meier, Food Stylist and Food Photographer

Food stylist at Brie Ross Food Photography
Food photography still