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Browse through some of the photos from recent projects. Finding the right way on how to present a food product stunningly derived from my personal inspirations and my conversation with customers about their products.

The festive butter angel is a spectator on the Sunday breakfast table. A Christmas photo for social media posts. Shooting with
natural light.

Züger Frischkäse AG
Industrie Haslen 9a

9245 Oberbüren

These chocolate almonds have addictive potential. We were looking for a simple style with fine colors. The almonds should come into their own optimally. Complemented with a fresh cappuccino.

Sweet Basel

Rheinstrasse 4

4127 Basel


Setting the pack in the center of the photo. This shoot had to focus on the pack and to create an ambiance of party and drinks in the background was the goal to accomplish.

Zweifel Pomy-Chips AG
Regensdorferstrasse 20
8049 Zürich / Switzerland

Zaloom Marketing Corp.

21 Franklin Turnpike

New Jersey 07430  USA

Crab imitation flackes and shred are imported for seafood dishes and sushi. We had been producing all the dishes for these photos. I figured that olive wood provide a wonderful presentation for sea food dishes.


Yuzu is a trendy fruit originally cultivated in Japan. 

I was chasing several Asian stores to find the fruit but with no success. Its rarely available. Instead of adding the fruit I combined the can with a flower that maches the pack.

Gustav Gerig AG

Hardturmstrasse 169
CH-8005 Zürich / Switzerland


A classical Swiss speciality. A gingerbread cookie made with almonds and honey. We worked on a trilogy of the mini packs. To ensure they don't appear tiny and small we simply used a visual effect to enlarge the view. Added an espresso cup and shot with macro.

Bischofberger AG
Biber- und Nuss-Spezialitäten
Weissbadstrasse 118
9057 Weissbad AI Switzerland



Black glass bottles are never a photographers friend. Its a challenge to shoot dark glass bottles trying to prevent light reflexions on the bottle. With Photoshop I managed to eliminate the reflections.

Laconiko Corp.

9239 Mike Garcia Drive


Virginia 20109


In love with chocolate. Always a pleasure to shoot chocolate.

Pfister Chocolatier

111 Kempttalstrasse

8308 Illnau


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